Friday, October 15, 2010

City Networks and listening

In the Luke Ten Community, we believe that the individual house church is important but it's not enough by itself. Our sense is that the Lord has said to us, "Smaller still. And, wider yet."

Smaller still is the "church of two" (CO2). A house church made up of multiple CO2s is well on it's way to becoming a "vibrant family of Jesus".

"Wider yet" means that individual house churches and their leaders are connecting regionally. In fact, this is the seventh of the seven key practices of the Luke Ten Community: Connecting in regional networks.

One of the expressions of this regional connection here in Colorado is periodic All-Gatherings. (See the picture above.) These grow out of our MRTs (regional apostolic teams) listening together for the Lord's direction. To see more of what is going on in Colorado, go to

The Luke Ten Community is a "community of practice". That means that we learn from each other on many levels. We would love to hear how the Lord is directing your regional network. Send me your story and I'll share it with the larger Community.


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