Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Every home a church"

In articulating the idea of "every home a church", we are recapturing a fundamental Hebraic value. Marvin Wilson in Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith writes...

After the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem... the rabbis began to refer to the home as a miqdash me'at, that is, a "small sanctuary" or "miniature temple."... Foundational to all theory on the biblical concept of family is the Jewish teaching that the home is more important than the synagogue. In Jewish tradition, the center of religious life has always been the home. The Church has yet to grapple seriously with this crucial concept... Nothing in God's plan has ever replaced the home as bearing primary responsibility for imparting Christian values and insuring godly nourishment and growth for each family member." (p. 214-216)

See below for two videos about one family that is taking this biblical concept seriously.  The first video was made early in 2010.  At that point, the Hyatt family had been experimenting with this for about two months.  The second video interview took place about a year later.  This is a wonderful picture of a home that has become a miqdash me'at.

America (or any country) would be transformed if every Christian household returned to this one biblical value!


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