Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding more about SASHET

In this video, Tod Brown shares some important insights about how and why we use SASHET to check in.


My 16 year old daughter and I were walking on the beach the other day. She had been home from school for about a week as she had a bad acne breakout. She had become very depressed as a boy at school had been rather cruel to her, and she felt very ugly and wanting to isolate herself. This was in contrast to just 4 weeks prior when she had 2 prophetic words over her life at 2 different times of an Esther anointing on her life.

I had introduced her to the SASHET concept some time ago, so asked if we could do it as we walked back along the beach. She told me that she was excited, but also tender. She was excited that she had such a bright future with God as she revisited everything that had been spoken over her life. She was tender as she reflected on the pain in her heart about the acne/bullying, but after resting for a week she could see that becoming vulnerable by this situation had brought her closer to God. I asked her what she felt God saying to her and she felt Him saying He would heal her heart and she would be left with only scars, scars being a healthy reminder of both the wound and the healing.

It was then that we could "see" that what was happening on the outside of her body was a reflection of what was happening within. Stuff coming up and out as God was applying gentle pressure. As we prayed I felt Gods strong presence and healing, honouring her for sharing truthfully and for responding to His prevenient work in her life.

I am sensing how powerful SASHET really is. Tod said that staying to these 6 words forces us to go deeper. I am loving the word DEEP - "deep calls unto deep", and God meets us there. I feel such a desire on God's part to heal us deep within. He has been saying to me this week about His desire for "truth in the innermost parts of our being". I am moved by the depth that He wants to go with us, it is overwhelming and all consuming.

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