Friday, October 22, 2010

NBC News Reports on the House Church Movement

More and more the media is catching on to the house church movement. Last night (10/21/10), Brian Williams on NBC's Nightly News reported that, at a time when the Crystal Cathedral in California is filing for bankruptcy, 9% of American Protestants now attend only house church. This is an estimated 6-12 million people. (See the video below.)

Although not reported on the program, this represents growth at an unprecedented rate. Even 10 years ago, house churches were almost unheard of in this country. The percentage of Protestants attending only house church was certainly under 1%.

And, no one (no human, at least) is behind this major shift in the American spiritual landscape. It wasn't launched by Rick Warren or Bill Hybels. It wasn't planned by the Southern Baptists or by Campus Crusade. It is simply a spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit to return the church to the way church was practiced in the New Testament.

The Luke Ten Community exists to join God in what He is doing with house churches. Our mission is to "connect and equip emerging house church leaders". Our vision is to see "a vibrant family of Jesus (house church) on every block of every neighborhood of every city or region."



  1. Thanks for this link and story. Very interesting. I reposted on my Facebook page.

  2. Thanks John, who would have ever guessed 5 years ago we would hear MSM/Brian Williams talk about house church - it must be the HS! Keep up your great Kingdom work at Lk10, helping lead and communicate this spontaneous move...

  3. amazing move of God worldwide: Big ones have come to an end, small ones are powerfully emerging. the true practice of Christianity is pointing us to Acts 2 where followers of Jesus meet in houses 24/7, not in big buildings. No one can ever prevent the work of the Holy Spirit. many thanks for this link. Mercy Fulgencio, Philippines

  4. I love what He's doing!! Mercy, I think the early church's gathering in the temple courts is equally as important as the house-house's just the 'how' & 'what' of what that should look like tho that's for sure (ie: MUCH bigger gatherings-celebrations for one)! charis enns

  5. Our church when it was young and before it's own building and was nomadic in nature renting out community facilities, had very vibrant house church ministry, basically bible studies that took place once a week. It is what kept the bigger church cohesive. However, as the church grew they broke up the effective ones, made it manditory to only participate a year at a time in a certain group to keep from forming cliques and started using it as a means to "program" maturity of fiath efforts;accountability-(which was ridiculous because some people hardly knew one another)
    service projects, fellowship times..etc.
    Our church never recovered.

  6. Once you use anything mandatory in the Church - you are in a trouble.

    I have seen how manipulation has made many young people in Czech Republic to run away from churches in to the world and it stopped unbelievers from coming to Jesus and Church.

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