Thursday, October 14, 2010

10:2b in Australia

As we continue to "beseech the Lord of the Harvest", He continues to answer that prayer and connect us with apostolic people (both men and women) around the world who resonate with the vision of LK10.

Below is an email (shared with permission) from Margie James who lives with her husband near Perth, Australia and who has recently joined the Luke Ten Community. See What I love about it is that the Lord is so clearly arranging all of this. He is the one who has placed the same things in our hearts and in Margie and David's hearts.

Welcome Margie and David! We join with you today in asking the Harvest Master to thrust out both apostolic church planters and people of peace in your part of western Australia. Arrange divine connections for Margie and David with these people towards the end of a vibrant family of Jesus within easy reach of every person in Perth.


Hi John,

I would love to connect with Maree, can you connect us? (Margie had just watched the three part interview with Maree Watson here )

...David and I are eager to find others who can co2 with us, we have a few church friends but on the whole here in the west things move rather slow. We are praying the Luke 10:2 prayer and seeing a great result with other christians but we have not known them too long and we are getting opportunities to share the organic concept with them...there is a reluctance here in WA that if you have no 'covering', you have little to offer! (it would seem that 20+yrs is not valid christian practice?!) :)

So we are back to building on the foundations and relationships are growing, I discern some great things ahead with a few of the couples seeking to build a deeper walk together with us, so we are humbly looking to The Lord and waiting for His instructions. We are confident that the days ahead will be filled with more of Him and less of us!

I have a desire to go knocking on doors, the unction is so that I can hardly contain it, I have heard others say likewise...not sure what the outcome could be here, but excited nonetheless?

We are excited about Luk10 and Co2, and I have just watched your video with Kent, re MRT
...and this is exactly what Father is placing in my spirit. Such practical listening and apostolic collaboration with an authentic heart's desire to know what Jesus wants us to do. Asking Father, 'what is your Will for us today' is such a great Kingdom life relationship and one that we put into practice several years ago,so we are excited about this relational aspect of Kingdom Building and Communication.

I want to say I am greatly encouraged John, thankyou!

Margie James

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