Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apprenticeship: Week Two (2)

I'm doing these posts about the Apprenticeship for two reasons.

First, because it's a way for each of the three cohorts to learn from each other. LK10 in general and the Apprenticeship in particular are "communities of practice". Another term might be "learning communities". We believe we as practitioners can learn a great deal from others who are engaging the core practices.

Second, because it's a way for people who are not currently in the Apprenticeship to gain a clearer understanding of what happens in these "communities of practice". In January, we anticipate opening up some new cohorts. Listening to these stories will help people as they consider entering the Apprenticeship.

Below is Tim Pynes commenting on what he's seeing in his cohort after two weeks. He explains more about the difference between coaching and mentoring. Also, one amazing aspect of his community of ten people is that it has members in the Philippines, in Eastern Europe and in Australia as well as several places in the US. My sense is that in the next year we will see the Apprenticeship spreading rapidly around the world.

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