Monday, March 14, 2011

14 year old prefers house church

Apprenticeship rhythm Number Two: CO2 (Church of Two)

The rhythms of a CO2 (checking in with each other and listening to God together) overflow very naturally into family life and into house churches. Below are two examples of this.

The first is a member of the Apprenticeship posting on his cohort's forum. Notice how delighted this father's heart is to see his 12 and 14 year old engaging with these rhythms. And, note how naturally mission flows from their listening together.

Below that is a video interview with another 14 year old, Nathan Duncan, here in Denver. Compare what you hear from Nathan with the typical approach to youth ministry which is a desperate attempt to entertain kids so that you can slip in a little spirituality. Feel the difference?


"Checking in as settled today, just feeling tender and loving towards my peeps & my honey & happy to have the Coach with us in our family check in this morning. Many fears and hopes were laid out & i feel that my 12 year old & 14 yr old are really engaging in the CO2 process. We had the joy of blessing some homeless folks today & it's becoming a matter of course for the children to see the poor & needy among us & they are beginning to have an expectation of opportunity in that area, which is cool. we're all listening for the Spirit today with regards to our future & I have this picture of us all standing at the throne, waiting expectantly :) "


  1. Yeah Nathan! Good job! Who would have known church could be fun?!? Way to explain the essence of church together!