Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Apprenticeship in Kenya

Many of the members of the Apprenticeship have chosen their spouses as their CO2 partners. The result has been numerous postings on the cohort forums about transformed marriages. Below is a posting from a church planter in Kenya who is part of the African Cohort.

"I'm checking in this morning scared, Its planting season and i have not ploughed,heavy rains are just about the corner and planting kicks off.Today the internet looks faster than most days,My family is happy and praying for our cohort that has made me happy.We are taking time to listen to each others heart and this has encouraged my wife so much and i feel blessed with teachings in week three.As we start week four my heart is refreshed that the past three weeks have tremendously changed both of us especially when dealing with each other.Today we create time for each to listen to our hearts and what God is saying.Im expectant because i know the lord has more in store.have beautiful week of listening to God."

Here's what his wife posted:

Im tender because my husband listens to me and im very very excited there is heart to heart conversation.I feel newness in the spirit.

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