Saturday, March 12, 2011

CO2s multiplying in Africa

The interview below is with Walt Hastings who is coaching our African Cohort. Here are three things that encourage me from the interview...

1. CO2s are transforming marriages.
2. CO2s are multiplying rapidly. Probably more than 50 now in Kenya.
3. CO2s are culturally transferable.

And, all of this is happening in a country where there are tremendous technological obstacles. Only a couple of people have their own computers - everyone else has to go to an Internet cafe. Often the connection is only dial-up, so they can't access our eWorkbook. (Walt puts the Learning Assignments in a simple word doc.) Electricity is only available occasionally. Etc.



  1. Although the CO2 practise has a part that is listening to God, that part is traditionally taken as listening for instructions. I wonder what would happen if we moved the listening to God part up a notch and allowed him to talk about how He was feeling about things.. We might always assume God feels a certain way, but maybe He would be open to sharing his thoughts with us that were not instructional in nature... Would the Lord SASHET with us? Just a thought.

  2. Great comment, Carolyn! I wish you could read the posts in the online forums in the Apprenticeship. So many of them are just along this line. That is, of the Lord sharing his heart with people. Often they are hearing simple things like "I love you" or "I am so pleased with you." Simple but very powerful!