Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My heart feels connect to you and we've never even met!"

The LK10 Apprenticeship requires a commitment to six rhythms.

Third rhythm: Check in daily on your cohort's online forum. ("Give me 10 minutes a day.")

Many people in the Apprenticeship have been surprised to see the level of community that has developed in each of our seven online communities (using either Facebook or Ning groups). The daily check-in is one of the keys to this.

See below for an example of the kind of comments being posted after only six weeks. The six rhythms result in meaningful relationships even with people on the other side of the world.


One cohort member responding to another member's post...

"Thanks for sharing this- my heart feels so connected to you guys and we've never even met! I am excited for your family and in prayer for your future ♥"

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