Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family flows from listening

Apprenticeship Rhythms One and Two: Weekly Learning Assignments and CO2 (or CO3)

The Apprenticeship is twelve weeks long and every week, members receive a new chapter in our eWorkbook. Each chapter has three Learning Assignments. This week, the focus is on family flowing from listening. See below for another example of a home functioning as a church.


"This being spring break, I was a bit tempted to skip out on Luke 10 for spring cleaning and a mini-vacation--can you believe that? But my heart leaped when I saw that the week was about 'Family.' I felt really encouraged by Sean's story and wanted to embrace a bit more detail for our family CO3 sharing, which most often happens at mealtimes.

Today (in our family time) we read about feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish and listened to God around that story. It was a really fun time, especially to see (our five year old daughter) so tender and full of enthusiasm as she shared her thoughts, drew pictures and engaged us like a teacher with her questions!

Also, I am touched by the idea that listening to God, others and our own hearts can make us so much more receptive to God and each other. Not only can you 'go to church', sit in a pew, and go home again without really knowing others..or yourself...or God better, it happens at home too. We can go through our day with everyone busy in their tasks and not really know what each other is struggling with, challenged by, happy about if you don't intentionally stop and listen to each other.

I felt really washed clean and shined up and closer to my mate and child by spending this time together listening and sharing hearts. It really is a big deal.

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