Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I am amazed how we have church on the phone!"

One of the six rhythms of the Apprenticeship is a conference call every two weeks with your cohort. Early on we wondered if a virtual community (phone, online forum, etc) could really become community. What we have discovered is that it really works! As people are faithful to engage all six of the rhythms, genuine community emerges.

Below are some of the forum posts after a conference call last week with the Central Texas Cohort.

(BTW, for you younger folks, that strange looking black thing is what phones used to look like!)


"I love you all! I am amazed how we have church on the phone!"

"Checking in as Happy. What wonderful testimonies by Valerie last night on our conference call. Also 11 out of 12 on the call. Faithful people!"

"Ya know, I'm checking in feeling pretty good. It's a beautiful day and Lacy's song last night was really powerful. I know it was only over the phone, but it really ministered to me and man, I feel peace. God is good!"

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