Saturday, March 5, 2011

"A powerfully affirming daily routine"

Of course, we mean something different by CO2 than when the term is used in the environmental sense.

The CO2 (church of two) is one of the six rhythms of the LK10 Apprenticeship. At first, it's sometimes challenging to begin this as an every day rhythm. But, over and over, once people find that rhythm, it becomes foundational for their lives. See the quote below from one of the members of the Apprenticeship on her cohort forum.

What difference would it make if CO2s were to become global?


"I'm checking in excited. Today was a good day and it is Friday. My CO2 partner is traveling this weekend, so I offered to not do our calls for the weekend. It was very affirming that he said he wanted to continue them because they are very helpful. It is mutual and what seemed a little overwhelming to me when this (ie, the Apprenticeship) started 5 weeks ago, (a phone call every day) has become a very big blessing and a powerfully affirming daily routine. I am also excited about what I am learning from the E-book lessons and the way God is calling me to a deeper relationship with Him. I'm in!"

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